Why Change

We hate to see talent wasted. According to UKCES, a 1% increase in productivity increases UK GDP by £20bn pa in perpetuity – a tantalising prospect.

goldfish leapingBut, things get in the way:

  • Less than 30% of employees can be said to be truly engaged with their jobs
  • 40% of peoples’ capacity is wasted, or not realised, within the workplace
  • 65% of people are in the wrong jobs…
  • …and 70% of change fails, largely due to poor leadership

(Don’t just take our word for this – have a look at what CIPD, UKCES, CMI, IOD, Gallup and other similarly acronymed organisations are saying on the subject)

Our Values – What We Believe In

Our job is to help you get to a preferred destination. We’re unlikely to tell you what to do – we’re here to listen, offer advice and help. Whether its individual learning needs or major organisational change, you’re in the driving seat.

That doesn’t mean we won’t challenge you, encourage you, and point out paths you may not even have thought about – we will! That’s where we believe value is added

But, we do that within the framework of our Values.

culture people processes

We want you to be able to feel comfortable going through whatever process of change you have in mind – enjoying the process is perhaps over egging it – but learning and growing in a purposeful way is our hope for you. To that end, we feel that Teamworking, Energy, Creativity, Curiosity, Challenging, and Ownership (TECCCO c) are helpful values for us all to work to.

Teamworking – the sharing of knowledge and resources, working well together, with an appropriate range of skills

Energy – a resilience, or speed of bounce back, infuse enthusiasm, motivation and excitement of all parties

Creativity – seeking variety, new and better ways to do things, using known approaches better

Curiosity – exploration, stretching our comfort zones, scouting out opportunities

Challenging – the enjoyment of receiving and giving challenges, provocation

Ownership – its yours, not ours, making a difference


  • “It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change” (Alice, in ‘Alice in Wonderland’)
  • “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there” (White Queen, in ‘Through the Looking Glass’)
  • “It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards” (White Queen, in ‘Through the Looking Glass’)
  • “No one ever got a pig fat by weighing it” (Andrew Templeman, Cabinet Office)