Management Development

…… is the main area in which Realising Change offers support.

Managing Change

Managing Yourself, Managing Others, Managing Change, and Managing Projects are the three main components of Management Development.

  • Managing Yourself explores Targets and Objective setting; Work Life Balance; Time Management; Assertiveness
  • Managing Others explores Leadership and Management; Performance Management; Motivation; Recruitment, Appraisal and Team Building; Delegation; Influencing, Negotiating, and Persuading; Communicating Effectively; Presenting Effectively
  • Change Management explores Drivers of Change; Barriers to Change; Cycle of Change
  • Project Management explores Scheduling Time and Resources; Planning tools; Stakeholder Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluating Progress

Training can be provided in the form of modular programmes or individual modules, delivered on or off client premises

Business Consultancy

Human Resource Management has been the focus of much of my career. Consultancy and support is provided in Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Reward Strategies, and Policies and Procedures.

Effective networking with other local consultants means a depth and breadth of consultancy and consultants is available.


Helping individuals discover and explore opportunities, and solutions to problems, is what coaching is all about. It is a rewarding thing to do for both coach and coachee, and a very effective use of time and resource.

Painting menI set up Realising Change 10 years ago, and note the growth in demand for effective coaching over that period.

As a Member of the Association for Coaching (AfC), a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), and Chair of Coaching York, Realising Change is well placed not only to provide Performance Development coaching, but also to source a range of coaches for different coaching needs.