Processes – What we do

If Coaching, and Learning and Development are about realising change in individuals, then Consultancy and Organisational Development are about realising change in organisations and their processes.
Coaching  / Consultancy Venn Diagram


Whatever you think ‘Coaching’ is, definitions abound. A few principles we believe in and work to:

  • Stuff gets in the way of realising the change you want. Our job is to help you minimise that interference, because

Performance = Potential – Interference

  • You probably have the answers. Our job is to help you discover them
  • Creating the right environment for you to focus and think is really important to the outcome

Learning and Development

Learning and Development is often seen as being ‘courses and workshops’

  • We do run these from time to time, mainly in the area of People Management (Appraisal, Recruitment, Interviewing, Management Development, Leadership, Change Management, Presentation Skills, Time Management etc) – some short and some longer duration
  • Learning and Development can be many other things as well – Mentoring, Action Learning, and Facilitated Discussion are regular request from clients
  • Being clear about what the Learning and Development need actually is, and assessing progress are important parts of our offering

Consultancy and Organisational Development

A definition of Organisational Development that works for us is:

‘A planned and systematic approach to enabling sustained organisational performance through the involvement of its people’

Chrysallis to ButterflyWe want to help your business improve – however good it already is. Our extensive and evolving business knowledge has been gained from working in a wide variety of industries and sectors – large, small, public, private and voluntary

We offer support in many areas of Human Resource Management, including:

  • Systems
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Terms and & Conditions
  • Reward Processes
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • ….. and associated Change Management activities